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Support while you shop!
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Spring Break Camp

Ages 6-13
March 12-16, 2018
9am – 5pm

Best Little Theatre in Town

Come play with us at Theatre Arlington! Taking a break from school is awesome! Especially, when it means you can test your acting chops in Theatre Arlington’s Spring Break Camp 2018! For ages 6-12, this all-day, Monday-Friday camp will culminate in a performance of The Best Little Theatre in Town for friends and family on Friday, March 16th. For more information, please email Cindy Honeycutt, Education Director, or call 817-261-9628, ext. 13.

Cost $275 for the week.

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About the show

When James P. Pennypacker (a shady accountant) announces that he'll have to shut down The Best Little Theater in Town due to lack of funds, theater owner Mrs. Goodman, popular director Cecille Deville, and the tightly-knit cast go into action! Two narrators pave the way as they discuss the elements of a classic musical theater production in this fun-filled "play within a play." Watch the story unfold as this small town theater company struggles to make ends meet.